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 Choose Affiliate Marketing for a business

  1. Affiliate Marketing is really a very easy way to make a passive income every day.  Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time income Affiliate Marketing gives you this opportunity.
  2. One is not restricted as to where one chooses to work from whether from home or anywhere you desire.
  3. There is no product purchases, customer service or billing because as an Affiliate Marketer you will be earning commissions for selling someone else’s products and services through your own website.
  4. the Internet is still a level playing field so that a beginner or not can compete and even outperform large companies.
  5. The start-up costs are relatively small to get started in the Affiliate area.
  6. The Internet marketing industry has been forecast to grow to $7 Billion per year in the next 5 years so Affiliate Marketing has a very bright future!

How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

 Firstly it is necessary to implement systems or in other words a roadmap so that you will accomplish your daily tasks to keep you on track.  Internet marketing requires discipline, therefore, it is important to separate your work time from your play time online (surfing online and games etc.)    It should be your daily plan to get your online business up and running and ultimately profitable.

Researching And Choosing A Niche.

This process will be one of the most important decisions you will make.  It is considered that for your first niche you choose something you know, love and are passionate about as this is what your content will be about.

Of course just because it is your passion will not necessarily make it a lucrative market to submit online.  For example, if your niche is too narrow and wouldn’t have a large audience or too broad a topic which will expose you to much more competition that you will have a hard time gaining ground with either.

Which Niche Should You Choose?

The three best, timeless, markets to pursue online are considered to be:

  1. Money
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Relationships

These are broad topics but we all know something about each of these subjects and they are topics on which folks minds are on each day and often cause the most problems, so perhaps it would be wise to pick a market that is related in some way with one of these topics.

Maybe it’s a good idea to think about the problems most people struggle with or are looking to solve.  People want to make life easier if they can. So don’t be too afraid of competition in your niche as money is already being made in these areas.

Tips For Finding Profit-Making Niches.

  1. I believe in making a list of your passions, expertise or interests.
  2. Look at who are your competitors – competition is good as it shows where the money is being made.
  3. Categories like money, health and fitness and relationships.
  4. Talk to and listen to what other people are passionate about, even search social media groups and join them.
  5. Magazines are an excellent source as they cater to specific niche markets that are popular
  6. Use Google as a great search engine. Search your niche keywords (a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of your Web page) Are there paid advertisements for keywords on your topic?
  7. Visit Bookstores and look at specific topics.
  8. A suggestion is to target the affluent markets with hard to find products and services with affiliate programs which are listed below.
  9. The key is to look for things people have to buy rather than want to buy, for example, weight loss or diabetes.
  10. Start paying attention to TV commercials and note the methods being used to get your attention to act on your impulses. Companies spend big $$$ on TV adverts.
  11. In looking at your niche access if there is an opportunity to have add-ons to expand your market once you have chosen your niche eg. cameras with camera bag add-on or camera tripod add-on.
  12. Affiliates to consider are eBay.com and Amazon.com where you can browse by subject for products.
  13. Focus on only ONE niche and become totally familiar with it.  If your original niche doesn’t work out then find another one.
  14. ClickBank.com is the largest and most profitable digital retailer and has tens of thousands of products.
  15. Another gold mine of ideas to consider is magazines.com where there are lots of niche ideas.

Choosing A Domain Name.

Domain names are extremely important yet still relatively cheap to purchase so that if a wrong domain name is chosen then it’s not going to be a big drama and break the budget to replace it.     At Wealthy Affiliate, domains are only $13.99.



You will need to check what phrases and keywords other people are searching for so as to determine which phrase would be best for your niche. Write 5-7 keywords or phrases which you have used in your chosen niche to help in the search for the best domain name.

Write 5-7 keywords or phrases which you have used in your chosen niche to help in the search for the best domain name. Note which group of words gets the most searches and also try using both singular or plural words as well like; car versus cars, guitar versus guitars.

Where to Search For Keywords

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool and Keyword List. You can use Jaxxy Keyword Search which is also available at Wealthy Affiliate. Also, you can type your keywords eg. “Best photography training” into Google or into Google Keyword Planner.

Niche Keywords In Domain Name

Including niche keywords in your domain name will show searchers what your content is about quickly and will help them to click on your site. It doesn’t seem to matter a lot of difference whether you place the niche keyword at the beginning or at the end ie. ‘Best Photography Training.com’ or ‘Photography Training Expert.com’.

Choose a dot.com name if at all possible as it seems automatic now for people when looking for a particular subject to type in the Keyword.com

Domain Name should be kept as short as possible

This isn’t always easy to do so choose a name that narrows down your topic and avoids numbers or hyphens in the name.

Choose an easy to spell Domain Name.

Copyright Names or Brands

Be careful not to use brand names of an Affiliate product without first contacting the company as this could be illegal.

How To Set Up Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you Step-By-Step how to get started in setting up your website in WordPress. It is really easy to create and lots of fun!

Building Your Own Niche Website

Creating Content

For your success online it is very important to have good content. We are not all born writers and I’m certainly not one you just have to be able to communicate your message to the audience online. Some may choose to find a writer for their site called a ghostwriter, the choice, of course, is yours if you are not confident in your ability.

Getting Traffic To Your Website

By now your website should be up and be running although the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will take a little time to find your site and index it so it can be viewed.  This may not happen until you have added more content.  You are going to add more content regularly as the more Google sees you know about your subject the sooner they will index it. So you won’t get loads of traffic past your door just yet.

In the meantime use mailing lists if you have any (don’t buy any as they are unreliable) and notify your friends about your website to start to get it out there.

Use Social Media

Focus on making friends by joining Social Groups to let people know you exist. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ to name a few.

Joining An Affiliate

Make Money Today
Make Money Today

Wealthy Affiliate has the most helpful support group I have come across with over 800,000 members worldwide consisting of both mature and professionals from various walks of life.

The Company provides tutorials and regular webinars with a forum to ask any questions you may have.

You will receive free:

  1. Course number 1 free
  2. Two free fully hosted websites
  3. Access to WordPress Express Platform which is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Blogging Platform
  5. Follow and be followed by a network of very helpful network of friends
  6. Moral and emotional support.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community.

I hope you will find time to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Take action today and start your own journey and reap the rewards. 

What have you got to lose, don’t take my word for it try it for yourself!

Comments are always appreciated and if you have further questions I am only too happy to answer them.

Best regards

Carol Burns











10 thoughts on “Learn Affiliate Marketing Online Free!”

  1. I see you’re promoting Wealthy Affiliate if you want to be a affiliate marketer… but what can Wealthy Affiliate offer me that I can’t get elsewhere? I can setup a website myself, promote products, use social media etc.. so when you think about what is the point of signing up for Wealthy Affiliate to do what I/You can do on your own?

    1. Thank you, Aaron, for your welcome comments. Why I choose Wealthy Affiliate is first because I had never created a website previously and didn’t have a clue how to go about doing it. Starting your journey to make money online can be tough and daunting. The purpose of starting a website in a Community of others; brings inspiration on a daily basis. You receive free membership with 10 free website building tutorials. If you decide to go Premium you will receive addition benefits. These traffic building courses will teach you how to make your way into the online world. Affiliate courses also teach members how to promote other businesses and make a profit from sales. The owners are always available to give support to their members, there is also a live chat area to answer any questions you may have 24/7 and finally, there are peer reviews to give you constructive advice.

  2. Carol,
    These are such good points. It is imperative people understand how to choose a niche and get good training. The average person would never know how to build an online business. Wealthy Affiliate has been wonderful for me. I knew nothing about building a website or creating an affiliate marketing business before I stumbled on this amazing program.

    There are always friendly people here ready to answer questions and all the training we need can be found in one place! There are people here with successful businesses in so many different niches. It is amazing to see the diversity in web businesses and the nationalities of our members. I have met people from all around the wold.

    I am glad we both found W.A.!

    1. Hello, Jessica
      Thank you so much for viewing my website and taking the time to comment. I was one of those ‘average’ people who didn’t have a clue about how to build a website let alone start an online business! Wealthy Affiliate’s amazing training program has changed my life really and as you say introduced me to people of all nationalities from around the world who are so grateful to have found WA!
      Like you I am so glad to have found such a reputable company with such high standards!

  3. Thank you, Carol, for your idea on affiliate marketing. You control your own time and place of comfort. You don’t carry it upon your shoulders the products you are promoting, you don’t have to rent a place for your products, and your target consumers is not restricted to a particular area.
    These are the advantages of the online business. It’s a fact that anyone should know.
    I am adding some of the reasons why the online business is good and important to a family which you can read it on the URL: https://ilearnedtolove.com/addressing-problems-in-the-offline-world.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you, Jimmy, for your welcome input on the great advantages of an online affiliate marketing business. Also for the disadvantages and problems associated with offline businesses.
      Best wishes

  4. Carol, if someone is wanting to make money online via affiliate marketing, drop shipping, etc. – they are going to need training and Wealthy Affiliate is a must. Excellent training modules and all the help one needs from Kyle (co-owner) and the WA community. Your article gives a good rundown of the steps involved with affiliate marketing and WA has the training for all of them.

    All the best to you,

      1. Hi Carol

        Thank you!
        What excellent and informative information on Wealth Affiliate as a business. I have never seen anything quite so simple and easy to understand as the way in which you have expressed it. I always thought it was so challenging to learn how to online market and build a stable business. I am considering signing up.
        What would you suggest as a starting point? I have good computer skills and ideas for business whilst working full time currently.
        Thank you and good luck


        1. Hello, Sharyn

          Such a pleasure to hear from you and thank you for your comments.
          I strongly suggest that you start on the Certificate Course Lessons and complete all the exercises to help you to get your website up and running to begin your online business. With your excellent computer skills and ideas for business, you will be at a great advantage.

          It is imperative that you understand how to choose a niche, something that you are passionate about and feels you can comfortably blog to keep the interest of the people that will come to your website. I will include a post that may give you some ideas.


          The WA community is a very friendly, helpful group ready to answer any questions plus all the training needed can be found in the one place! There is folk here with very successful businesses in so many different niches from all around the world it is amazing to see the diversity in web businesses and nationalities of over 800,000 members.

          Best wishes


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